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About Us

Tunedirectory.com is a music link directory service. Our services revolve around providing download links to old and new songs from various countries around the globe. We also offer links to song lyrics and instrumentals when available.

Why do you need us?

Many websites stress and exploit gullible users who search for songs by excess adverts and pop up displays. Finding download links on such websites might take alot of time, however, with our services, you have access to direct high quality mp3 download links, even lyrics and instrumentals when available.


How can I get my website listed?

Website owners who desire to get higher reach can submit their website to us through the comment box for specific music updates. If you need more information on this, please send us an email on support@tunedirectory.com.

How can I remove my website link?

Website owners who haven’t requested that links from their websites be posted here might want to take down such links. We make full provision for this. Send us an email containing reasonable proof of website ownership to takedown@tunedirectory.com. Please do note that this is different from a copyright content infringement claim. To learn more about how we deal with DMCA complaints and how you can file a complaint please visit our DMCA/Copyright page.

How do we rank websites in our directory?

Our directory depends highly on recommendation for operation. While we verify every suggested website, we also check links constantly suggested by our users and rank these links higher where appropriate, thereby increasing click through rate.

Broken Links?

Please kindly comment the link ID (1-10) and link section (Mp3, Lyrics or Instrumental) and we’ll replace the links immediately.

What is your links limit?

We allow only 10 links under each section to enable the clean UI our users enjoy. Where you find blank cells, please feel free to drop your link suggestions. Link suggestions that come in after the link quota is exceeded will be added to the link queue and will be updated when another link is removed or if the link is an authority link in our directory.

We wish you a seamless experience on our platform. Please Contact Us for any complaints/suggestion about our service.

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